Fighting for reef fishes credits

Photography by Joris van Alphen
Joris van Alphen was one of the first recipients of the Save Our Seas Foundation Marine Conservation Photography Grant. He is a young photographer from the Netherlands who specialises in stories about nature and science. He is also a National Geographic Explorer and a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. He has completed assignments to remote locations in South-East Asia and South America. He shot Fighting for reef fishes during his False Bay assignment in November, 2014.

Photo by Philippa Ehrlich | © Save Our Seas Foundation

Words and multimedia by Philippa Ehrlich
Philippa Ehrlich is conservation photographer for Save Our Seas Foundation. After graduating with a Bachelor of Journalism, she spent a year in Thailand and the USA, where she came to appreciate fully the rarity of healthy ecosystems. On her return to South Africa she was inspired by the rich underwater worlds of False Bay and southern Mozambique. After two years as an investigative journalist for the television programme Carte Blanche, Pippa decided that the only stories she really wanted to engage with were those that explored nature and our relationships with it. She aims to find the balance between traditional journalistic storytelling and a more popular, creative and emotive approach. She worked closely with Joris during his assignment in False Bay.

Photo by Joris van Alphen | © Save Our Seas Foundation